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The American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd opened its Australian office in 1999 and began offering its Camp America and Au Pair in America programs to young Australians. In 2005, AIFS commenced offering inbound programs and currently facilitates cultural exchange programs for more than 2,000 young people.

8 Reasons to Dive into a Gap Year with Camp America

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Finishing high school comes with so many big life decisions. Choosing subjects that will help your career, choosing a university and degree, leaving friends or heading into the workforce and finding a job. All these decisions come with a commitment to at least three years of study at university with little experience or a job with limited time off and annual leave. It can be daunting and scary.

Enter the Gap Year!

Back in the 1960's the idea of taking a Gap Year was born as conscription ended and governments started to promote cultural exchange and global awareness in the hope of preventing future wars. Camp America has been sending young people to work at Summer Camps for their gap years since 1969. Now, Gap Years have become widely popular as a new challenge and new experience, an opportunity for adventure and meeting new people. At it’s core, a gap year is about living life to the full and realizing there’s a world of opportunity outside of your hometown, job or study.

So, why take a gap year? Whether it’s straight after graduating high school or just before entering the workforce full-time to pursue your career. Here’s 8 reasons to change your scenery and take your education to a global level with Camp America.



We know you’ve got great friends but it’s time to get out and meet new people. Meet like minded adventurers and travelers on your adventure fostering lifelong friendships. Working at a summer camp is a melting pot of people who love adventure. Living and working together day in and day out only makes those friendships stronger. You’ll never have to worry about feeling alone with a camp full of new friends.

2. Develop New Skills

At camp you get the opportunity to teach what you love. But further than that, camp offers opportunities to develop your skills and find new activities and hobbies. There are over 150 different activities taught at summer camps.

3. Change your Scenery

Break outside the four walls of a classroom and take your learning into the real world. Leave your desk behind and grab your backpack. Recharge your batteries and get inspired by working with kids and inspiring the next generation. Life’s best lessons are learnt outside the classroom.

4. Enhance your CV

Working at a summer camp offers a great opportunity to build and develop integral life skills like leadership, teamwork, confidence, and responsibility. These “soft skills” are qualities that employers search for. Traveling and having a global mindset can give you the edge over other applicants.  

5. Explore

Taking a gap year gives you the opportunity to explore. Discover something new and bring back stories and memories that will last a lifetime. Camp America doesn’t start until May/June so there’s plenty of time to save or hit up other bucket list locations. You also get 30 days before and after camp to travel within the US.

6. Experience the World

One of the best ways to prepare for university is to gain a greater experience of the world. By working at camp, you get to experience a US tradition whilst also meeting people from around the world. Camp becomes a melting pot of cultural exchange giving you a broader perspective. Those who have taken a gap year also show increased success at university and are better prepared for the greater workload.

7. Challenge Yourself

Move outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Solo travel can be scary and intense but you will learn so much about yourself as you stretch your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. Explore who you are as a person and give you time to decide what you want to do.

8. Make An Impact

Make a difference by working with kids. Help create an awesome summer experience that they won’t forget and inspire the next generation of young leaders.

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